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In the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Vernon presents a tableau of life that’s both vibrant and peaceful. Here, the expanse of three lakes offers a canvas where nature’s artistry is on display, setting the stage for a lifestyle that is both relaxed and invigorated by the surrounding beauty.

With a climate that graces the city with four distinct seasons, Vernon is a year-round playground for those who seek the thrill of outdoor adventures and the solace of natural retreats. Kalamalka, Okanagan and Swan Lakes lure beachgoers, paddlers, and anglers. In winter, SilverStar Resort transforms into a skier’s paradise, while Sovereign Lake grants cross-country skiers endless glides.

The landscape of learning and development in Vernon is as vibrant as its natural scenery. Nearly a dozen top-ranked public and private schools deliver stellar curricula, including Montessori, French immersion, Indigenous education, and enrichment academies. Local campuses enable students to pursue higher levels of expertise without venturing far.

Real estate in Vernon remains reasonably priced compared to other parts of BC, with detached homes averaging around $578,500 as of early 2024. Vernon’s appeal is further enhanced by its transportation connections, including easy access to Kelowna International Airport located just 40 km south.

Vernon stands as a testament to a life well-lived, where the quality of living is elevated by the abundance of nature, the strength of community, and the breadth of opportunities. Here, every season unfolds new possibilities, inviting individuals and families alike to partake in a lifestyle that is both enriching and fulfilling. Here, the promise of a balanced life is not just an ideal; it’s a reality.

Practice Details:

At Vernon Jubilee Hospital, the rhythm of emergency medicine isn't just about the steady hum of the monitors or the quiet pulse of the pneumatic tube system; it's in the ebb and flow of human life that rushes through our doors. Here, you'll join a team where 60,000 critical cases a year aren't just a statistic—they're moments when every decision counts, when every second is a story unfolding, and you're at the centre of it all.

We're not just looking for physicians; we're looking for guardians of those pivotal minutes. Our ER is a nexus of modernity and humanity, with 26 beds, two trauma rooms arrayed with diagnostic imaging for those split-second decisions, secure rooms for the unpredictable, and cardiac monitors that speak the silent language of the heart.

This is a place where the work-life balance is not a myth, but a reality we uphold. With 12 shifts per month, you can breathe—relish the time to recharge, to live the life beyond the white coat. This space we've created is rare in medicine: a gift of time, for you, for family, for life.

High acuity is our norm, with cardiac events to strokes, traumas to triumphs. No day mirrors another. Our patients? They're as diverse as the conditions they bring. From the elder with a lifetime etched into their skin to the child whose life is just unfolding, from the Indigenous peoples who've walked this land for generations to the newcomers with hopes as fresh as the morning. And let's not forget the adventurers, those outdoor enthusiasts whose passions sometimes bring them to our threshold.

You're not just at the helm of emergency care here; you're shaping the minds that will define its future. Through medical education, simulation training, and research, you will mentor, teach, and inspire. Your wisdom will light the path for those who walk the halls of VJH, eager to learn, to save, to serve.

And if you hear the call of leadership, our NAVIG8 Emerging Physician Leaders Program is your compass. It's not just about enhancing skills—it's about forging paths, about impacting emergency medicine not only within these walls but also across the expanse of our profession.

At VJH, the connection runs deep. It's in the camaraderie of our team, the complexity of our cases, and the community we serve. This is where your practice becomes your legacy, where saving lives is interwoven with continuous growth, and making a difference is just part of your day.

Shape the Future of Healthcare: Begin Your Legacy Here
Be part of a team that doesn't just work in emergency medicine but lives it, breathes it, and leads it. Apply today to live, work and play where others only vacation! Email your CV to Physician Recruitment today. It's better here!

Are you interested in practicing at VJH, but prefer part-time hours? We warmly welcome your preference for balance and flexibility! We recognize the vital role of talented emergency medicine physicians, even on a part-time basis.

Step In, Stand Out: Make a Difference as a Locum
Ever wondered about this Okanagan utopia that has captivated our physicians' hearts? Discover it firsthand with a locum! Reach out to Dr. Jon Friesen to find out more.

This job posting is for a position covered by the Provincial Health Officer’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination order, and selected applicant(s) must comply with the requirements of the order.

Call Schedule:

Hours of work: 12 fast-paced shifts define full-time here. Keeps your skills sharp and your soul nourished. We can tailor a part-time schedule if needed.
On call requirements: No on-call means your personal time stays protected, to fully embrace the lifestyle that called you here.

Estimated Gross Income

Lifesaving work deserves acknowledgement, whenever it happens. Compensation is fee-for-service, rewarding expertise and time. The overnight hours between 2300-0800 also earn a $656 stipend, since your watch does not end when the sun goes down.

Additional Incentives

Life in this North Okanagan paradise beckons, but relocating still takes planning. We’ll ease the transition with $9,000 within BC, $12,000 in Canada, or $15,000 for international moves. Rates fluctuate, so verify when offered.

Vernon Jubilee Hospital:

Vernon Jubilee Hospital (VJH) is a 196-bed facility and a beacon of healthcare excellence in Vernon, British Columbia. Serving as the primary hospital in the North Okanagan region, VJH provides comprehensive acute care along with advanced medical services and technology.

The unveiling of the Polson Tower marked a significant expansion, boosting outpatient services and introducing specialized units for maternity, pediatrics, intensive and coronary care. Subsequent growth saw the addition of medical inpatient facilities, a fifth operating theatre, and a sophisticated MRI. The hospital’s future looks even brighter with the planned construction of a 44 single-occupancy room psychiatric unit by 2029. This development aims to offer improved and personalized mental health resources.

Nearly 1,800 dedicated personnel cater to approximately 93,720 individuals, including those from First Nations and Métis communities. VJH’s wide-ranging services, from emergency to surgery to rehabilitation, highlight a deep commitment to innovation, excellence, and compassionate care. This dedication cements VJH’s vital role in the region while continuously advancing the healthcare landscape.

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