Cranbrook, situated in the stunning Kootenay region of British Columbia, offers a lifestyle rich with cultural and outdoor adventures, backed by a strong sense of community. This unique place isn't merely a location but a setting where dreams flourish, and life brims with possibilities.

The landscape around Cranbrook is a playground for the active soul, with Wasa and Moyie Lakes for water enthusiasts, and the St. Mary River providing a scenic route for canoeing and kayaking. The nearby mountains offer trails for hiking, biking, and rock climbing, while winter brings skiing and snowboarding adventures along the Powder Highway.

Cranbrook’s cultural life pulses with energy, from local art galleries and performances to unique brewpubs and cafés. The community is engaging, offering events and activities that welcome newcomers and integrate them into the local fabric.

Families benefit from Cranbrook’s reputable K-12 education system, including public and private schools. Newcomers find a warm welcome through various events and volunteer opportunities, with housing options ranging from affordable single-family homes to condos and townhouses, catering to diverse preferences.

Embrace a lifestyle where breathtaking scenery and plentiful activities integrate seamlessly with a warm, welcoming community. This singular blend makes Cranbrook make it an unparalleled place to call home.

Practice Details:

Begin a rewarding career at East Kootenay Regional Hospital (EKRH), where your vital role as a hospitalist strengthens our community’s health. By joining our collaborative and collegial team, you’ll stand at the forefront of medicine, providing compassionate, comprehensive care. Your contributions will drive patient-centered innovations, advancing EKRH’s commitment to excellence and shaping the future of healthcare in the East Kootenays with lasting, positive impact.

In this pivotal role, you’ll draw on your extensive expertise to meet the diverse needs of patients at every stage of life. From acute care management to the oversight of chronic conditions, your holistic approach will cover a wide range of health challenges. You'll diagnose, treat, and coordinate comprehensive wellness plans across essential medical disciplines, ensuring each patient receives personalized, effective treatment. Each day offers the chance to employ innovative therapeutic approaches, making a tangible difference in the lives and recovery journeys of those entrusted to your care.

As a vital part of our hospitalist team, you will play a pivotal role in redefining the well-being of your community. With each person you treat, you go beyond just providing medical services—you have the power to transform lives through integrated, empathetic care plans. Blending leading-edge medicine with a deep understanding of individual needs, you ensure treatment is both effective and compassionate.

Working with our dedicated interdisciplinary team of nurses, specialists, surgeons, and allied health professionals, you will create sophisticated, customized treatment strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of each case. Your unwavering commitment to excellence illuminates recovery paths for many.

Immerse yourself in a rewarding hospitalist program connected with UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, where you will seamlessly integrate mentoring and hands-on learning into your routine. This enriches your professional experience, fostering a blend of patient care and medical education that is both fulfilling and impactful.

Your involvement in initiatives aimed at Physician Quality Improvement (PQI), supported by Doctors of BC, empowers you to lead meaningful advancements in healthcare. At EKRH, being a hospitalist is more than a job; it’s a role that extends beyond patient care, embracing personal fulfillment and professional development within a culture that cherishes work-life balance.

Choosing EKRH as your hospitalist home signifies integrating into a team that’s passionate about exceptional patient care. Your passion for driving impactful change will uncover a sanctuary here, as our supportive culture nurtures meaningful careers that are fulfilling and make a true difference for the East Kootenay community.

Shape the Future of Healthcare: Begin Your Legacy Here
If you're a hospitalist motivated by intellectual curiosity, skilful collaboration, and unwavering compassion, we invite you to join EKRH's supportive team. Email your CV to Physician Recruitment today. It's better here!

Are you interested in practicing at EKRH, but prefer part-time hours? We warmly welcome your preference for balance and flexibility! We recognize the vital role of hospitalists, even on a part-time basis.

Step In, Stand Out: Make a Difference as a Locum
Curious about the mountain towns that have won over our physicians' hearts? Discover it firsthand with a locum in this remarkable corner of the world. Reach out to Dr. Elena Schroeder to find out more.

This job posting is for a position covered by the Provincial Health Officer’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination order, and selected applicant(s) must comply with the requirements of the order.

Call Schedule:

Hours of work: Working a standard 8-hour shift, you'll engage with an average of 14–18 inpatients per rotation.
On call requirements: You’ll contribute to after-hours call duties, which are a mandatory aspect of our practice.

Estimated Gross Income

You’ll be compensated on the provincial APP clinical service contract’s hourly rate of $187.38, plus MOCAP level 2.

RSA Incentives

Recruitment incentive: $20,000, prorated for physicians working less than full time.
Relocation: $9,000 for moves within BC, $12,000 for moves within Canada, and $15,000 for those relocating from outside Canada.
Fee premium: 14%
Annual retention fee: $21,696
RCME funding: $1,320 for up to 2 years in Cranbrook, $3,520 during your 3rd and 4th year, and $5,720 after 4 years, in addition to the Doctors of BC CME funds.

Rural incentives are subject to change and current rates are confirmed at time of offer.

East Kootenay Regional Hospital:

Join us at East Kootenay Regional Hospital, an 80-bed regional referral centre serving approximately 82,000 individuals in the beautiful East Kootenay region of BC.

Our 24/7 emergency and trauma services feature a 16-bed unit and a 6-bed ICU. Our high-acuity-response-team provides mobile critical care to stabilize and transfer rural patients.

The hospital includes a level 3 lab with new PCR and MALDI/TOF machines, plus new MRI, SPECT CT, and upcoming CT scanners in the radiology department. Construction is also underway for a new NICU, renovated ER triage, and oncology and renal departments.

With our dedicated team, you’ll find top-notch care across our comprehensive range of services: internal medicine, OB/GYN, general surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, ENT, pathology, psychiatry, pediatrics, anesthesia, radiology, urology, and family practice inpatient care.

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