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This position may be based in any location within the Interior Health region. For more information please visit 'Our Communities' pages.

Practice Details:

Exciting new Medical Leadership opportunity now available at Interior Health for a Medical Director, Clinical Informatics (MDCI)!

In accordance with the established vision and values of the organization, the Medical Director of Clinical Informatics (MDCI) will be the regional representative for the Executive Medical Director of Clinical Informatics (EMDCI).

The MDCI provides a critical role ensuring that the perspectives and needs at the regional/local level are understood and considered within the context of the overall Interior Health clinical environment. This role will provide strategic and operational medical leadership to clinical planning, implementation and sustainment within clinical informatics and associated digital and technology related activities and projects. As a champion for the clinical transformation, the MDCI will be responsible for engaging and fostering relationships across the region, working closely with providers, clinicians, program leaders and staff.

This role provides an opportunity for leaders who are excelling in their current role to expand upon their knowledge and skills to learn how to lead change, inspire and motivate others and progress in their career as a leader in health care.

Reporting to the Executive Medical Director, Clinical Informatics, the MDCI works in partnership with the IH Digital Health team to engage with medical staff and translate clinician requirements into clinician useful information systems. The MDCI will serve within appropriate supporting committees related to the Program, Interior Health Authority (IHA) and applicable provincial partners. The MDCI will also have a close working relationship with the local Medical Staff Association (MSA) executives, and the local Chiefs of Staff.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Lead and Advocate for IHA-Wide Transformational Programs
Based on established transformational programs which provide benefit to Interior Health and its providers, clinicians and staff in delivering patient care, this role will provide leadership and advocacy by:
• Championing and articulating the vision and benefits associated with large-scale transformation initiatives, enabled by technology such as MEDITECH Expanse.
• Understanding and actively promoting advanced information technology initiatives, and the overall health modernization in Interior Health.
• Being a positive role model and setting the example for adaptiveness and resiliency.
• Creating an environment or trust and respect through transparency.
• Demonstrating a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to the program’s vision and path even under difficult or adverse situations and encouraging others to respond similarly.
• Actively participating in various committees and working groups to support and help inform the needs of the local physician and provider needs. E.g. Digital Health Provider Advisory Subcommittee and/or Clinical Informatics Subcommittee.

Translate Strategy into Action
The MDCI will have the ability to understand the longer-term strategic view while making progress against shorter-term operational advancements. The MDCI will recognize that program and project outcomes represent the beginning of change and that ongoing sustainment and continuous improvement is where benefits are most realized. This role will:
• Have an understanding of the value and projected direction of technology and how advancements can positively impact IHA, providers, staff and patient care.
• Assist in defining and articulating strategic imperatives by connecting organizational needs to increased value and patient outcomes through technology enabled solutions.
• Promote a culture of resiliency and continuous improvement that keeps the organization relevant and agile.
• Have the ability to translate strategic intent into specific actions relative to audience. Considers individual motivations and perspectives to make changes a reality. Uses storytelling to create a vision for the future at the operational level.
• Facilitate a collaborative environment and organizational alignment across IHA, while bringing a regional perspective.
• Be able to explain the context of multiple, complex interrelated situations.

Provide Regional Knowledge & Expertise
The MDCI will provide specific knowledge and expertise within the overall IH construct. The MDCI will procure support and understanding for local requirements where needed and be able to explain complex concepts and practices in a way that resonates with regions, providers, clinicians, and staff.
• Participates and helps inform the plans and associated benefits related to new technology solutions and upcoming health IT projects. Provides the clinical and business needs / requirements of the local medical and provider stakeholder groups to help inform the technology and digital planning and implementation. For example, this may include input on clinical workflows, data requirements and specialist content.
• Represents and engages the local medical and provider stakeholders in digital and technology related activities and projects such as MEDITECH Expanse, Profile, secure messaging, data and analytics, and others.
• Supports and participates in leading practices related to operational system downtimes to provide insights and guidance in the planning and communication;
• Acts as the IH change management sponsor in partnership with provincial, local and regional operations leaders in a Dyad relationship.
• Guides and advises IH departmental initiatives to support and ensure quality delivery of new MEDITECH initiatives. Participates in assigned implementation planning and working groups to ensure department and physician readiness leading to, during, and beyond activation.

Build Strategic Relationships
The MDCI will maintain and form alliances, partnerships and relationships with leaders, stakeholders and decision makers. The MDCI will build strategic relationships and collaborate in generating mutually beneficial long-term opportunities and achieving win-win outcomes. The MDCI will represent the region on strategic issues impacting clinical operations relative to the current programs and associated initiatives.
Specifically this role:
• Creates a site level coalition for change to help springboard the adoption of new technologies and practices.
• Collaborates within the EMDCI and its members, the program and associated initiatives and across IHA. Seeking to find commonalities and shared purpose while effectively addressing differences.
• Develops a strong collaborative relationship with the EMDCI and the Site Medical Directors and Medical Staff -Association (MSA)’s, and together provide clinical leadership to support large-scale transformation initiatives like MEDITECH Expanse.
• Observes the guideline set in the Memorandum of Understanding – Introduction of EHRs in Health Authority Facilities signed by the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities, and Doctors of BC, 2022.
• Helps to facilitate the alignment of various communication and change management activities across local sites and regions creating “one vision, many voices”.

Inspires, Motivates and Educates
A key responsibility for the MDCI will be to inspire, motivate and educate others. In order to do this effectively, it is expected that the MDCI be an articulate and effective communicator. Being able to lead discussions with senior leaders and partners in ways that support transformative programs and decision-making at the regional level and program level.
• Champions and provides physician leadership associated with large-scale transformation initiatives enabled by technology solutions. Participates in and helps coordinate the executive Organization Change Management (OCM) coaching sessions.
• Supports training to providers related to information technology initiatives and projects, and becomes a super user of the technology and associated work process. Helps monitor users’ experiences at the site and regionally, and helps coordinate solutions to address and improve users’ experiences.
• Acts as both an educator and advocate for physicians within the inpatient and outpatient setting.
• Nurtures physician and clinician engagement, facilitates local conflict resolution, and maintains a professional approach at all times.
• Identifies and contributes to the sharing of lessons learned with other MDCIs and the program so everyone benefits from each other’s experience.
• Establishes a growth mindset, that inspires individuals to gain knowledge and skills required for change.
• Demonstrates emotional intelligence through skilled conversation & communication.
• Encourages others to learn and embrace new ways of doing things.
• Builds resiliency by building change as a capability in leaders.
• Provides support, coaching and encouragement to formal leadership or influences of change.
• Inspires passion and motivation to achieve goals.


• Recognized as an adaptive leader. Resolute and flexible, with the ability to react strategically to environmental shifts. Perspective is balanced, being able to see the bigger picture and benefits while grounded in the realities of the day to day.
• Calm and measured, and seek understanding through curiosity. Critical thinking and problem solving skills to consider different perspectives and ideas.
• Expert communicator and able to effectively articulate and promote vision to frontline physicians and clinicians about clinical informatics.
• Ability to gain consensus in alignment with and in consideration of specific project schedules and timelines while effectively managing risk. Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize both strategic and operational initiatives have allowed you to be successful in times of stress and uncertainty.
• Skilled manager who is comfortable with making effective decisions. Inspire and motivate others, and known as a trusted advisor, a confidante, a coach, a mentor and an educator.
• Understand the importance of keeping pace with change to address the ever evolving and complexities of health issues facing our patient population.

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  • Doctorate in Medicine
  • • Physician licensed to practice in British Columbia. • Eligible for appointment as a member at a local site. • A minimum of 5 years medical leadership experience or equivalent. • Strong understanding of clinical workflows across the care continuum. • Understanding of clinical information systems and other ancillary solutions is an asset. • Experience with clinical informatics or digital technology in healthcare is an asset. • Interest in development of leadership expertise. • LEADS
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Hours of work: 0.2 FTE, approximately 7 hours/week
On call requirements: N/A

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Competitive; will be based on medical leadership experience


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